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liquid process products

Quality: We Make Sure You Meet or Exceed Standards

Liquid Process filters are used to separate solids from liquids, improving the liquid’s quality.


Liquid Process
liquid housings

We Adapt to Your Unique Requirements

Liquid housings are available in plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials and port sizes to meet the piping requirements.

Liquid Housings
hvac filters

We are Your Filtration Solution Experts

Changing HVAC filters regularly ensures that cooling coils are cleaner extending the time between expensive coil cleaning and downtime.

HVAC Filters
hydraulic filtration plant

Safety Measures that You Can Rely On

Regular replacement of filters helps insure the consistent operation and longevity of any hydraulic-powered device.


Hydraulic Filtration
compressor intake filters

Save Money with Quality Filters that Increase Longevity

Compressor Intake Filters are designed to remove particles from the air entering industrial compressor systems.


Compressor Intake Filters
Dust Collection

Competitive Markets Call for Quality Solutions

Our products allow the removal of particulate matter from the air in order to meet or exceed increasingly stringent emissions regulations.


Dust Collection
reverse osmosis filtration

Applications: We are Your Total Filtration Partner

Reverse Osmosis cartridges are commonly used to condition or purify water.



Reverse Osmosis
gas separation filters

We Provide Efficiency

Gas Separation Filtration is the removal of liquids and solids from a gas stream. 



Gas Separation and Filtration
screen filter products

We Consult and Partner with You

Screens are filters using a rigid or flexible screen to separate particles out of a fluid stream.


engine oil lube filters

Significant Savings with Waco

Waco provides filters that will help the equipment operate longer between filter replacements, saving on costly downtime and repairs.

Engine Lube Oil and Fuel