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National Account Filter Consolidation Program

80% of the time spent by Procurement Departments to acquire MRO products typically represents only 20% of a company’s total purchases. Large process companies often acquire filters from over 200 suppliers making it nearly impossible to leverage their filtration spend in order to achieve cost of filtration reductions, superior service levels and standardization.

The Waco Filters FIMS (Filter Inventory Management & Solutions) Program was developed to serve the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, power, and food & beverage industries with multiple sites throughout North America. With over 720 manufacturers today, we provide a single source for all maintenance & process filtration assisting you to:

  • Consolidate vendors & leverage your filtration spend for unit cost savings
  • Reduce Inventory Costs with our customized inventory programs
  • Achieve Total Cost of Filtration Savings with our proven process improvement focus
  • Standardize your filtration requirements using industry best practices

With our FIMS program we provide:

  • Same manufacturer and product used today
  • Rapid implementation, typically 60-90 days
  • Reduced capital tied up in inventory
  • Documented Total Cost of Filtration Savings year over year
  • Ongoing process improvement focused filtration expertise at the site level
  • Customized monthly & quarterly reporting & documentation
  • Engineered Filtration Solutions
  • Stocking locations throughout North America
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Contact us today to learn more about our National Accounts Program and how we can assist you in achieving your total cost of filtration savings objectives.

VP National Accounts